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“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” ― Steve Jobs

A Path to Becoming World Peace - A Story from Long Nguyen

Hello, I'm Long Nguyen, and I want to share my personal journey with you—a path that led me toward a vision of world peace.

Once upon a time, in a land deeply scarred by conflict, my parents embarked on a remarkable journey to survive the ravages of the Vietnam War. Chaos surrounded them, and they made a daring escape, setting sail on boats bound for the city of Hong Kong—a place where dreams and legends converged. In this vibrant land, the legend of Bruce Lee was forged, inspiring hope and resilience in the hearts of many, including myself. My name, Long, symbolized strength and power, much like that of a dragon.

My parents, filled with determination, eventually found solace in a new land—the bustling city of London, United Kingdom. Amidst the rich tapestry of multiculturalism, they worked tirelessly to establish peace and stability in our lives. I grew up with an unyielding spirit, fueled by the love and sacrifices of my parents.


Understanding love, peace and the heart

Growing up as a child, I faced profound loss with my half-brother Anh Hung's tragic overdose in Vietnam, where I struggled to understand his repeated question: "Long, do you love me?" His father's abuse and the Vietnam War forced my mother to escape.

Later, my dear friend Steven Lewis fell victim to senseless violence that claimed his heart, a fate I narrowly escaped in Plaistow, East London, surviving violence, drugs, and gangs as an oriental outcast in school. These trials fuelled my unwavering resolve to be a beacon of love and light, promoting peace through understanding and unity.


Who am I?

Seeking answers and strength from the challenges my family and I experienced, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, delving into deep inner work, seeking spiritual guidance, and pursuing personal development.


The art of becoming

After graduating from Brunel University I was fortunate to meet a billionaire Errol Abramson who told me of the book “Think and Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill”. This book forever changed my life and convinced me to lead a spiritual entrepreneurial life with servitude, faith, and harmony. 

Guided by the lessons of my past, I emerged as a leader on a global stage. I aspired to create zen experiences that transcended boundaries and touched the hearts of people worldwide. In London, I embraced my passion for multimedia design, embarking on a journey of creativity and innovation. With a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Design (BSc), I honed my skills, blending my Vietnamese heritage with the influences of my newfound home.

Through my multimedia designs, I sought to embody the principles of world peace, weaving artistry and technology to foster harmony among diverse cultures and communities.

Meeting zen master Kiwon 

During a job interview for a nutrition company, I had a life-changing encounter with Tim Han, also known as Kiwon. Tim recognized my entrepreneurial spirit and potential, setting the stage for a successful partnership that later achieved millions in revenue and global social media views.

Thanks to Tim's guidance, wisdom, and zen philosophy, the path of success was born from within me. I found the light in my spirit to be the star for others to shine, just as Tim had done in my eyes.


The birth of Zenfinity, ZenflueX.com and Zentrepreneur.co...

And so, Zenfinity, ZenflueX, and Zentrepreneur were born—health and wellness, creative agency, and publishing brands. They stand as a testament to my journey, inspired by Tim Han's leadership and the miracles of the universe. These ventures harnessed the transformative power of art, compassion, and unwavering love. They became sanctuaries where individuals could immerse themselves in Zen experiences and expressions, awakening their hearts to the beauty of humanity and the interconnectedness of all souls.

Today, my legacy shines brightly, a testament to the triumph of the human spirit. With ZenflueX, I continue to lead from the heart, inspiring others to embrace the power of zen, peace, and love. Through my creative endeavours, I persistently strive to weave a world where harmony prevails, and the gentle whispers of compassion resonate in every corner. With Zentrepreneur.co, I publish entrepreneurship content infused with the essence of Zen, inspired by luminaries like Steve Jobs and all the zentrepreneurs around the world who balance business success with spiritual oneness.

Join me on this journey of peace and zen. Let us paint the world with colours of love, compassion, and understanding, for together, we can create a tapestry of harmony that transcends borders and unites us all. This grand story continues...

The ultimate sacrifice

My name is Nguyen Thi Minh, and I hail from Dai Ang village in Hai Phong. I was born in December 1960 into a family of seven. In 1964, my father worked as an ox cart driver to provide bricks for house construction. Tragedy struck one fateful day when he was hit by a car, leaving him with broken legs that confined him to a hospital bed for two years. His injuries brought forth an illness we could not cure, as there was no medication available. My mother resorted to selling her gold to finance my father's treatment, but the challenge persisted.

My father's pain was unbearable, and my mother, along with my sisters and me, took turns caring for him. My mother brewed Chinese medicine to alleviate his suffering, but he refused to drink it. He expressed a desire to end his suffering through death, not wanting our family to bear the financial burden.

Tragically, my father took his own life by hanging, leaving my sisters without their beloved father. My mother was left to raise seven siblings on her own, and life became an arduous struggle. We barely had enough to eat, surviving on two meals of vegetables per day, and meat was a rare luxury.


Surviving the Vietnam War

In 1967, as the Vietnam War raged on, American planes bombed our city, forcing my sisters and me to flee to the suburbs. We relied on the kindness of others to gather vegetables in the forest for sustenance. I began attending school at the age of eight, amidst the ongoing conflict. On December 27th, 1972, an American B52 bomber unleashed devastation upon Hai Phong, destroying schools, hospitals, and water facilities. The bombs fell just 20 meters from our house, claiming many lives and causing grievous injuries to countless others.

Miraculously, none of my family members perished, although our home was severely damaged. My sister and I returned to Hai Phong to procure bricks for rebuilding our house. With no furniture, we slept on piles of bricks, endured nights without electricity, and were plagued by relentless mosquito bites. The threat of American bombings persisted, but as we rebuilt our home, we understood that the boundary between life and death was precariously thin.


Finding the rest of my life

In 1973, the United States concluded its involvement in the war, and we resumed our education. I completed only up to the sixth grade, as I needed to work to assist my mother. At the age of 20, I married and gave birth to my first son. Unfortunately, my husband was consumed by alcohol and involved with another woman. I kept silent about his transgressions, fearing the judgment of his wealthy family, while my own family struggled in poverty. Despite being a human being with the beauty of a Vietnamese woman, I endured silently, earning a living by selling water, black bean tea, and nutritious bean milk. My husband shirked his responsibilities, leaving me to care for our one-year-old child. He neglected household duties and, in his drunken states, subjected me to physical abuse. I endured this torment until I was 27 years old.

The daring escape

On November 13, 1987, I made the courageous decision to leave Vietnam, leaving my six-year-old son behind. I embarked on a perilous journey to reach the shores of Hong Kong, crossing the treacherous waters that earned the name "isle of thorns." I boarded a small boat with 26 others, but as we set out to sea, we encountered a colossal wave resembling a house. Unable to continue in the storm, we sought refuge in the dragon's cave for ten harrowing days, enduring cold weather and meager rations. We burned dry wood for warmth, whispering softly in fear of being detected, unable to sleep, all while the threat of American bombings still loomed. Our quest continued through another ten days of stormy waters, where we braved waves to seek fresh water and purchase supplies until we finally arrived in Hong Kong on December 25, 1987.

Released from trials of death

The story of Nguyen Van Loc, born on February 2, 1959, in Hai Phong, hometown Thanh Liem, Nam Ha, begins in the Hong Kong refugee camp after surviving the Vietnam War and escaping by boat. During his time there, he faced a life-threatening encounter when a man wielding a knife narrowly missed his main artery. In self-defence, Nguyen Van Loc used the knife to protect himself, but the other individual tragically lost his life in the altercation. This incident led to a three-year legal ordeal, but with the assistance of a British lawyer, he ultimately secured his release, forever indebted to the attorney who spared his life. In 1989, we were wed, and we went on to have two children, a daughter and a son, in Hong Kong.


Seeking a New Life

With a new family, we embarked on a quest for a fresh start. In 1993, the United Kingdom graciously accepted my family as refugees. Upon arrival, we were provided with housing, meals, and the opportunity for our children to attend school at no cost.

My devoted husband and I toiled tirelessly to earn money to support our family in Vietnam and bring my first son, whom I had left behind years earlier, to the UK. I secured a surety letter for his entry visa, but tragically, he passed away upon receiving it.


United and thriving

Time has passed, and our family has thrived in the United Kingdom for over 30 years. Two of our children have attended university, and we remain eternally grateful to the country that granted us a second chance at life. The United Kingdom, where we were reborn as a family, holds a special place in our hearts. - Nguyen Thi Minh

⛩️ An Inspirational True Story ☯️

Surviving, Thriving & Becoming World Peace

Warning: depictions of events are of extreme origin.

This story is written in two parts, from the perspective of Long's mother and from Long's journey to becoming world peace.

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