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Digital wellness solutions enable you to explore your limitless potential for relaxation, clarity, and a zen mindset.

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We envision a technological future of digital well-being.

Welcome to Zenfinity

Discover a new world where inner peace, clarity, and growth meet with your infinite potential. 

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Collaborations with leaders worldwide to find
balance in business and life.

Tim Han

Founder & Influencer


Leo Scheiner

Chairman & Founder 


Steele Williams



"You have done a fantastic job of redesigning our fitness courses, website and video assets. Having you design for us has been a breath of fresh air and it has been a pleasure working with you."

"I've always greatly admired your talent and I think you did a grand job of rebranding all of our supplements. You have taken our magazine to great heights and the result is truly impressive."

"Long’s a very talented creative designer, he created incredible work utilising his videography, creativity and editing skills that captivated our audience. Somebody who truly puts their heart into their work!"

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All things zen to help you discover infinity.

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